Come On Down To The Mermaid Cafe...

Ahoy!  It’s been a busy weekend for The Fisherman's Larder!

We’ve just hosted ’The Mermaid Cafe' - our ‘sail out’, pop-up event in aid of RNLI (Anstruther RNLI Station)  
and British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

The Mermaid Cafe welcomed 30 adults and 14 children into our driftwood garden for an alfresco celebration of the sea - with a mouth-watering menu featuring locally sourced, sustainably caught seafoodhomegrown vegetables & herbs and local, artisan ingredients. And the weather held fast for us all day!

We’re delighted to confirm that we raised £300 for two courageous charities - both saving lives at sea!

Scroll through the images to view our official invitation and finalised menu. Also, take a peek behind the scenes of our outdoor venue, via images from a pre-event photo shoot with Duke Photography. There are also a couple of post-event shots of Jim and crew enjoying the ‘after show’ party!


Darnley's Gin (for bringing their gin home to the East Neuk Of Fife! Now distilled at Kingsbarns Distillery & Visitor Centre, we loved using the spiced variety as the base for our seaside gin and garden strawberry fizz)

*Vegware (who create a range of completely compostable  disposables, ensuring that parties and events don’t have to cost the earth - or the ocean)

*East Neuk Shellfish + Fisherman Tam (who donated scrumptious, just-caught local shellfish)

*Pittenweem Chocolate Company (who donated their divine Salt + Caramel Chocolate, handmade in Pittenweem)

*The Golf Hotel Crail for lending us glassware and The Spindrift Guest House for lending us extra tables.

*Our fabulous guests - who quickly booked their spaces, travelled from all over the East Neuk, as far afield as Aviemore, Glasgow and Uruguaybraved a chilly September afternoon and gave generously to our two amazing charities. You were brilliant. THANK YOU! 

*Dominic Ibbotson at Duke Photography (whose stunning images say it all!)

*Event produced by Acoustic Wave - boutique media, marketing & entertainment studio


These incredible charities are saving seafarers and marine life everyday
Find out more at and

Hopefully, The Mermaid Cafe will swim into Pittenweem again next spring. Until then, bon voyage…

Real Simple Notes On Real Happy Nappies....

Part 1: Real Nappy Philosophy
Part 2: Quick Notes / Checklist
Part 3 - In Depth: Notes From Personal Experience

Part 1 - Real Nappy Philosophy

You're having a baby. Congratulations! So much to think about...

You work through lists of what you'll need - and nappies are pretty much top of the list. It crosses your mind to choose reusable cloth (aka real) nappies

Top reasons include:-

  • reducing the negative impact of 'throw away' society on our planet
  • you've heard they're better for baby
  • trying to spend less money over the approx 2.5 years you'll be using them

So, maybe you mention it to one or two friends. Maybe they roll their eyes, snort or mumble something along the lines of "just you wait, there'll be no time for that." Your confidence is knocked and you think better of it. 

Except, wait. Didn't many of our parents and all previous generations do it? With all their kids? And didn't they do it without the benefit of modern technology? Exactly! They did do it! It was normal until marketing firms for disposable nappy manufactuers got into our heads. Many people all over the world are still using cloth nappies - although the marketing people are trying to change that. In spite of this, lots of us are now returning to cloth nappies. Why? Because the benefits of cloth nappies are REAL. 

The key to success is research.  Terrified of getting it wrong and wasting money, I did weeks of research. So, here are my 'nappy notes'. Up front,  I can honestly say my experience with real nappies has been straight-forward. I was intimidated in the beginning, because back then, I was terrified of everything related to being a new mum. After a few nappy changes though,  it was absolutely fine - even with some road trips and holidays thrown in! 

Disclaimer: I know there are some people, for various reasons, who have unexpected, out-of-the-ordinary difficulties in early parenthood and for them, the thought of using/washing/drying cloth nappies - in addition to everything else on their plate - is enough to tip them over the edge. This is understandable - only you know your limits.  On the other hand, many people give it a go and discover it's no more hassle than the other little routines we fit into life - like washing our hair, taking a shower or doing the shopping. And, we can become very enthusiastic about real nappies too! Hard to believe, but true. So please, don't knock it till you've given it a go... 

Part 2 - Quick Notes / Check List

Newborn - Up To A Year

Use muslin squares 
Put a nappy liner in it. You can also source reusable ones, if you prefer. 
Wrap nappy round baby. Secure with 'Nappy Nippa'.
Add a waterproof nappy cover 
Change ever 2-4 hours, gradually reducing to 3-4 hours.
At night time, use bamboo cotton terry squares instead of muslins because they're more absorbent. 
Add a bamboo booster too - this can be useful day and night, for extra absorbency.

A Few Months Old - Onwards

Switch to a shaped, sized nappy like bamboozle by tots bots. 
Use a nappy liner during the day and a booster and nappy liner at night.  
Wear with waterproof nappy cover.

What You Need For Nappy Changes

Little Bin: for throw away items.
Nappy bucket with a couple of mesh bags  for lining the bucket.
Wipes/Cleaning: compostable ones and/or reusable ‘cheeky wipes’
Washing and Drying: 60 degree wash and either line dry or tumble dry. 
Reduce environmental impact of washing/drying by switching to Ecotricity
If you really need to use disposables, these are an eco-friendlier option. 
Nappy wash bag for storing dirty nappies out and about. 

Other Information

You'll typically need 10-12 nappies per day, reducing gradually over the months.
3-5 waterproof nappy covers (may need to get next size up when your baby is older
Get lots of great reviews and advice from 

Part 3 In Depth: Notes From Personal Experience

When the baby is newborn, you’re taking a chance buying a batch of shaped all-in-one nappies because they may not be right size/shape/fit for your baby. Also, if you buy them for a newborn, you’ll have to keep buying a size up as they grow. This can get expensive. So, consider using muslin square nappies to start with. While any kind of nappy may result in leaks, I found the muslins to be very reliable. Muslin squares are thinner than terry towels and can be fitted around your baby’s shape. Here’s how you’d use them...

1) First, buy a big pack of muslins - available in cute colours!

2) Shape your muslin square into a folded nappy.  I recommend the one called bat/chinese/butterfly fold.  It creates a thicker middle for absorbency and uses up fabric where it’s needed - great for newborns. And it’s easy to do after a few tries. Learn more here. Practice in advance. If you’re keen to be organised, keep a few folded nappies ready to go. This saves time/panic when you’re actually changing in a hurry.

3) Put a nappy liner inside it.  These are paper but shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet as they're quite thick and can clog your pipes. They're good for containing poo when it stops being runny. Here are the ones I use. You can also source reusable ones, if you prefer. Place your baby on the nappy and secure with something called a ‘nappy nippa’ - way safer/nicer than using a safety pin.

4) Put a waterproof nappy cover on top.  I use Motherease Airflow or Motherease Rikki. 

5) Change every 2-4 hours to begin with and every 3-4 hours after a few months. What to do with poo? In the early days, it's pretty runny and gets absorbed into the nappy. Remove the liner and any poo on it and throw out in a little bag. You could rinse a heavily soiled nappy before washing.  As your child gets older, the poo will become more solid. So, you can tip it into the toilet and flush away before disposing of the paper liner, as above. Some people have no issue putting it straight in the bin, headed for landfill, but ideally, it should be processed through a sewage system.

6) As baby gets older, for an extra layer of absorbency - add a bamboo booster underneath the liner of all daytime nappies.

Back to the nappy. Here's a 'fold-your-own' muslin square nappy I made earlier, modelled by Ted...

Night Time 

At night, you may need more absorbency than the muslins, so buy a few bamboo cotton terry squares and do same routine as above. Bamboo is even more absorbent than ordinary cotton. Note, they take slightly longer to dry. You can add a bamboo booster too.

A Few Months Old - Onwards 

Your baby will be growing out of the handy ‘bat/chinese/butterfly fold’ - and baby will be needing changed less often too. This may be a good time to treat yourself to a batch of handy, pre-shaped nappies. These are much better absorbency for older babies and by now, your baby should be big enough to fit the standard sizes.  I love bamboozle by tots bots. - made in Scotland! I still include a nappy liner during the day and a booster and nappy liner at night.  You still put the waterproof nappy cover over the top. Or, you can trial the all-in-one kind with the waterproof cover, built in. What to do with all the old muslin and terry squares?  They're great for washing floors, mopping spills etc. 

What You Need For Nappy Changes 

1) Little Bin: I use compost food bags as biodegradable bin liners! They still go to landfill but I hope they're a slight improvement on little plastic bags.  Use these bags for disposing of nappy liners, throw-away wipes etc. 

2) Nappy Bucket: you'll need a big nappy bucket and a couple of mesh bags  for lining the bucket. Note, you don’t need to soak dirty nappies, just put them in the bucket and when you’re ready, wash on 60 degrees. Then, ideally, tumble dry, which helps the nappies to stay soft. ECOTIP: If you feel guilty about using up all that precious energy, switch to a renewable electricity provider, like Ecotricity

3) Wipes/Cleaning: Sometimes, disposable wipes are really handy, especially when you're out and about. These compostable ones are good.  However, mostly, you can use resusable ‘cheeky wipes’ and wash them with your nappies. Keep them in a little tupperware box, pre-soaked, ready to use, then throw in the nappy bin.

4) Washing and Drying: I wash nappies, wipes etc once a day. As mentioned before, I usually put a load on at 60 degree wash, after the first nappy change in the morning and then they go in the tumble dryer. Some people buy more nappies and wash less often. Some people use disposables when travelling. In some cases, this might be the only practical solution, if you're not staying in self-catering accommodation or with good friends. I bought these disposables - the most eco-friendly I could find - for when I was in hospital. 

5) How Many Nappies? To begin with, you'll need to use around 10-12 nappies a day. This number will gradually reduce over time.  It's a great reason to start with cheap, muslin squares or terry towels and 3-5 waterproof nappy covers.

6) Out and About: you'll need a waterproof 'nappy washbag' to store any used nappies. Some baby changing bags come with these. 

Additional Informatoin

I got virtually all useful information from reading reviews and advice at . So many people who use this website are already big fans of cloth nappies, so their comments will give you confidence and help you see how straight-forward it can be.

And Finally…

Hope these short (not so short) 'nappy notes' have been handy. Again, for whatever reason, real nappies may not work for you but it's working for my family and I'm really glad we went down this route. So, wherever possible, I hope to encourage and inspire others to do the same.  It saves a financial fortune and literally, it doesn't cost the earth. I've changed about 3500 nappies so far - without any going to landfill - and these cloth nappies are all still in use, one way or another.  What's not to love? 

Here's to keeping it real!

Good luck, best wishes and happy nappies! 

Vicky xo

Save The Date! The Fishernan's Larder @ Bowhouse Food Weekend...

Date For Your Diary! Catch The Fisherman's Larder​ at Bowhouse​ Food Weekend on Sunday 24th September - a laid-back, vibrant + bustling indoor market celebrating artisan makers and producers from in and around Fife.

Beneath the roof of an impressively converted barn, imagine sizzling street-food and off-the-beaten-track delicacies, mouth-watering aromas, rain-proof picnic areas,  gourmet ingredients, demonstrations,  a treasure trove of take-home treats, local craft drinks, children’s entertainment…oh, and a favourite with seafood…prosecco!

We’ll be there with our shellfish - ready-to-eat or take home - sustainably caught in creels from waters just a hop, skip and a sail from the Bowhouse venue.

From The Fisherman’s Larder: hand-picked and hand-prepared dressed crab (with no additives), decadent mini lobster cocktail pots, cooked lobster and cooked crab!

Discover more and whet your appetite at
Or go straight to the Bowhouse Food Weekend. …out of the sea, onto your plate.

The Voice Of...Wonder, Creativity + Pragmatism (BBC UX&D)

It's a kind of magic! Coming soon to my #voiceover video reel, this short film for BBC User Experience Design (UX&D). See how their team work wonders right now at and discover more of my work at xo 

#voiceartist #BBC#uxdesign #creativity #magic #voiceoverartist #scottishvoice #fvo #lovemyjob #magical

Fishing For Compliments! Here's One We Caught Earlier...

"Jim Knox combines the jobs of a bespoke fishmonger and a raconteur of fishing lore" 

- Michael Raffael, 'Lust For Fife' Gourmet Traveller (Food and Travel Magazine)
 circa Spring 2014

#FishingForCompliments #Throwback #GourmetTraveller

Journalist: Michael Raffael
Photographer: Moe Kafer

See a film clip below from their visit, featuring Jim Knox of The Fisherman's Larder, or go to

Fife Langostines from Moe Kafer on Vimeo.

A little background...

Working with my client The Fisherman's Larder, Acoustic Wave provides:-

brand management
blog writing, media + social media marketing
website management
client communications
media relations
news releases/media kits
press coverage

Find out more about Acoustic Wave - boutique media, marketing and entertainment studio - at

Radio Waves...

Hello, hello. Turn your radio on…. - Shakespears Sister

It’s the ultimate #feelgoodthe radio blasting out favourite tunes on a sunny day! And these digital days, there’s so much more choice….

In recent weeks, I’ve done #voiceovers for #radioads on networks all over the UK, including Bauer (e.g. Forth One and Free), Global (@capital_scotland) and Wireless (Signal 1+2). Following a summer holiday, I’m back in my own #recordingstudio all this week. Happy to travel too.

If you’d like to book me for a #voiceover session - radio, tv, online video, e-learning, on-hold, in-store, corporate, educational, charity - you can get in touch and listen to samples via Meanwhile, stay tuned and turn it up! ;) xo

instagram repost : find me @vixbythesea 

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Pittenweem - Simple Pleasures By The Sea...

Pittenweem - 'the place of the caves' - is the most enchanting village you may never have heard of...until now.  This ancient Pictish coastal settlement is tucked away like a pirate's hidden treasure in Scotland's East Neuk of Fife.  If you're lucky enough to find your way here, like many others, you may fall under its spell and never want to leave.

Now 'home' to an eclectic, vibrant mix of people; fishermen, artists, multiple generations of locals, incomers, part-time residents and regular visitors, Pittenweem also attracts the interest of holidaymakers from all over the globe.  The village has been featured in some of the world's most glamorous publications too, including Conde Nast Traveller, The Times and Coast Magazine. Unsurprisingly, some of our area's best known attractions have been well publicised.

On the other hand, without local knowledge, it's easy to miss what's happening beneath the surface - what you'll learn from a travel journalist is really just a drop in the ocean!  If you're a new visitor or recently-arrived resident, learn to live like the locals and discover the simple pleasures of everyday life in Pittenweem.  It's the perfect way to support the community - and become a part of what gives our seaside village its spirit! 

So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge....
  • take a morning stroll on the high street, buy a loaf from the artisan baker, fish from the summer season FMA Fish Shop down at the harbour fishmarket...
  • make eye contact, smile and say hello to strangers
  • be a fisherman's friend; visit the nearby fisheries museum, support RNLI or The Fisherman's Mission
  • choose local gifts for your loved ones, from a boutique like Funky Scottish or the Weem Gallery and Framer.
  • visit the local pub and get to know real people, real fishermen, real stories....
  • ramble along the coastal path to a string of postcard-perfect east neuk villages
  • taste a just-caught cooked lobster or dressed crab from The Fisherman's Larder 
  • get to know the side streets, discover the 'neuks' and crannies 
  • live in the outdoors - plant a garden, bathe on the beach, grow your own, eat alfresco
  • venture along School Wynd, Bruce's Wynd, Cove Wynd, Water Wynd, Calman's Wynd, West Wynd and the well-hidden "Ghosty Wynd" - know the wynds and you know the village
  • visit the Funky Scottish cafe-gallery-boutique for an Illy coffee and delicious hand-made cakes.
  • pamper yourself with a massage from a trained, local therapist  
  • love your local farmer and enjoy the fruits of his labour - there's an abundance of local produce being grown in the fields behind Pittenweem.
  • place an order with celebrated Penmans Butcher of Crail...and have it delivered to your door!
  • take a deep breath of the fresh sea air - it's so good for you!
  • get your fish & chips from a local favourite - the little retro chippy on Pittenweem's high street.
  • talk to your neighbours 
  • keep the coast clear - reduce, reduce, reduce your plastic, reuse and recycle
  • be kind to the ocean and support a marine life rescue or marine conservation charity
  • be inspired by the local water babies...and go wild swimming at our outdoor pool
  • take part in local festivals in the area; food and arts...and more arts.
  • eat an ice cream from the little seafront shop, watch the waves as your worries melt away...
  • play on the seaside swings
  • indulge in handmade, chocolate specialities from The Pittenweem Chocolate Company and experience their signature hot chocolate in the Cocoa Tree Cafe.
  • visit the old church, learn about the 'weem witches and get keys to St Fillans cave - on Cove Wynd - from The Pittenweem Chocolate Company.
  • If you need a place to stay, choose accommodation with character in the heart of the village. We can especially recommend self-catering at Driftwood CottageThe Cooperage and Kirkgate Cottage. If you'd like B&B, cosy up in the Crows Nest on Bruce's Wynd, between the high street and the sea.
  • Walk along the coastal path or take a short drive to the Ardross Farm Shop for delicious, locally grown vegetables and local, artisan foods. 
  • relax, you're on the coast, the pace is slower and that's a good thing....

Welcome to Pittenweem! 

Boat image via Visit Scotland
Wild swimming image via Ben Howard - Every Kingdom (great seaside music)
Ice cream shop image via Conde Nast Traveller.

Original post written and published by Vicky Watt at Acoustic Wave 
Edited, updated and republished for Funky Scottish (April 2016) and The Fishermans Larder (Aug 2017)

Repost via instagram @thefishermanslarder