The Milk Of Human Kindness

Born in 1979, my first lesson in politics was “Maggie Thatcher stopped the milk”. Born in 2016 - the year our second female prime minister, Theresa May, came to power - my little girl may soon be learning similar lessons about the highest priorities of our society. It's a sad thought.

The dominant #patriarchal mindset is letting us all down - most of all, our #children. Now more than ever, the #gentle, yet fiercely protective, inclusive, influence of real #feminism needs to rise - within individual women, men and all of our power structures - so that we can co-create a society and a planet worth inheriting. xo

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The Voice Of...White Hot Truth

Use your voice. Make some noise. Social media makes everyone a broadcaster. Use your platform, even if that platform is Thanksgiving dinner with your relatives. Annoy the shit out of people with how concerned you are. Be willing to be disliked. Don’t let the pushback push you over. Dare to be idealistic. Something you say will stir a new thought that will lead to better action. The future is listening. Speak up.

Danielle Laporte, White Hot Truth (Chapter 10)

Our Voices Are Vital...

And. There is a #voice that does use words. 
Vibrant and versatile #ScottishFVO. Natural, subtly husky. 20s-30s. Listen and book at xo
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ps. I just want to take a moment to speak up for the current Greenpeace campaign, promoting #freespeech and #sustainableforests. Find out more via Greenpeace International.

Strawberry Fields For Summer...

The first pick of my favourite #summer #superfood was delivered to our door by a #local #farm friend this evening. Our #homegrown #strawberries won’t be ready until later in the year, so this is a fine treat! Also, according to BBC Good Food “the vibrant red colour of strawberries is due to large amounts of anthocyanidin, which also means they contain powerful #antioxidants and are thought to protect against inflammation, cancer and heart disease.” A punnet a day keeps the doctor away. And, strawberry mojitos. xoxo #deliciousfood #simplepleasures image via pinterest

The Truth Is Magical

“every huge break through in my life has come in a renewed commitment to tell the absolute truth at a deeper and deeper level. Immediately, you get shot forward. The more honest you are, the more aligned you are with everything real and true…and that’s where all the magic comes from.” - Martha Beck 

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ps. i love this image, discovered via pinterest, by Katie Daisy

Ahoy There...

...from The Fisherman's Larder! Our media crew has just revamped our webspace…so it’s now ship-shape for the new season! Take a closer look at #thefishermanslarder

The Voice Of...Vacations

It feels like everyone is planning holidays and daytrips at the moment. My latest voiceover clients include Park Inn by RadissonNational Museum of Rural Life and Thomson Holidays. No big holidays on the horizon for me though! I'm in the studio and taking bookings for voice sessions for the forseeable future. Discover more and book via xo

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